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Archives and Materials of Macau Diocese were included in the Memory of the World Register

On March 9, 2010, the archives and materials of the Catholic Macau Diocese (16th to 19th centuries) were included in UNESCO's Memory of the World Register for Asia-Pacific.




A series of documents of the Catholic diocese of Macau were submitted by the Macau Documentation and Information Society (MDIS), preserved in the Diocese de Macau and Macau St. Joseph's Seminary. Written mainly in Latin, Portuguese, Chinese and other European languages from 16th to 19th century, the documents of the Diocese de Macau mainly include: the instructions of Holy See, letters, manuscripts, reports, information on priests, plans of activities, meeting records. There are also records of Catholics which include information of births, christenings, marriage registrations and deaths. As a seminary with a historical mission, Macau St. Joseph's Seminary has preserved the materials of missionaries from Europe and the Far East in the 16th century, such as ancient books, periodicals and photographs, covering theology, Chinese culture and language, western academic knowledge, science and technology, philosophy and other fields.