Memory ── Connecting Ancient and Modern  記憶 ── 連繫古今

Main Functions

  • Assist in the Memory of the World Programme (MoW) and focus on the preservation of documentation in the fields of education and scientific research:
    A.  Archiving all types of documents (printed and electronic materials, including guidelines, books, pamphlets, etc.) and also jobs, applications, projects and historical documents that are relevant to the Memory of the World Programme;
    B.  A comprehensive preservation of the project materials of “Macau Memory” and cultural heritage documents of the Asia and Pacific regions;
  • Provide bibliographic information retrieval of Memory of the World Programme (printed publications and multimedia data), and develop a long-term bibliographic database of Memory of the World Programme which correspond with the purpose of center.
  • Organize the programme-related activities such as seminars, conferences, debates, books and website launch event etc.), and cooperate with education sector and institution around the globe (archives, libraries and museums) to promote the Memory of the World Programme;
  • Provide policies and measures for conservation, restoration and document digitization, setting an example of best practice to global research partners for reference;
  • The collection and work of the center will also be devoted to explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites (WH), including cultural and natural heritage, as well as intangible cultural heritage (ICH) to provide a solid foundation to the synergy of the heritage programmes.