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Memory of the World Register

There are three levels of Memory of the World Programme, including international, regional and national level. Since the first document was officially listed in the International Register in 1997, countries around the globe submitted their applications and those listed in the “Memory of the World Register” meet the criteria regarding the world significance. With the continual development of the project, its influence has been gradually expanding, and more than 60 countries have established National Memory of the World Committee to approve their national documents for inclusion in the National Register. Committees in regional level includes Africa, Arabian countries, Asian and Pacific regions, Europe and North-American Regions, Latin American and Caribbean regions and also international organizations etc.


The evaluation criteria regarding documentary heritage of Memory of World Programme mainly consists of several aspects: authenticity, the basic standards and relative standards of world significance, time, place, people, subject and theme, form and style etc. Other aspects such as rarity, integrity, threat, preservation and access management plan etc. are also taken into account.


Archives and Materials of Macau Diocese as well as Archives and Manuscripts of Macau Kong Tac Lam Temple were successfully included in UNESCO's Memory of the World Register for Asia Pacific in 2010 and 2015 respectively.